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Your life is dynamic, your circumstances change, your goals change and as such over time your financial plan will also need to change. We stand with you over time and help you progress towards your goals.


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Your strategy is specifically tailored to your needs and objectives. We listen to what your goals and objectives are, and build a strategy for you, based on your circumstances that will help you reach them.

It doesn't matter if you need advice for a single issue or if you are looking for holistic financial planning advice.


Working with you to simplify placement into Aged Care

Featured Service - Aged Care

When a relative reaches the stage of needing to enter aged care it can be a very emotional time for them and the family. Quite often the decision to enter care needs to be made quickly and also requires many other decisions to be made.

We aim to help take the complexity out the decisions needed, to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Two of the biggest decisions usually revolve around the payment of the fees and what to do with the family home. The outcome of these decisions can have a major impact on Centrelink payments and whether or not the family home will be retained or sold. If you need immediate assistance making these financial decisions please contact us on (07) 3018 0587.

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Financial Guidance for Widows

Whilst I have not had to deal with the loss of a partner myself, my Dad died in an accident at the age of 54. The first few weeks after the passing of your partner go by in a blur. Lots of friends drop in giving their love, support and food. But after the funeral everyone goes back to their lives and you are left on your own.

We can guide you through the many different financial decisions that need to be made, letting you know what needs to be done now and what can wait a little a longer.

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Financial Planning for the LGBTIQ Community

The Australian Federal Government has made over 80 changes to Commonwealth laws giving people who are in same sex relationships the same rights as heterosexual married and de facto couples.

Outcomes of the Law changes effecting financial planning issues include:

•Access to death benefits from your partner’s superannuation fund;

•Recognition as a couple for Centrelink purposes when determining your eligibility for benefits. This is also the case for calculating fees for Aged Care placements;

•Should your partner be a serving Armed Forces Member you can access certain entitlements such as the War Widow’s Pension.